What We Do

Lighthouse Daily Money Management Corp. works with our clients and their professional advisers. We reduce your stress and save you time. We will:

  • Sort and examine all incoming mail from banks, stocks, etc. on a timely basis
  • Pay bills on time
  • Handle any incorrect bills and try to prevent losses from fraud or misunderstanding
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Facilitate tax preparation by organizing files and documentation
  • Prepare forms needed for investment account changes, such as beneficiary changes
  • Help prepare, submit and monitor insurance paperwork and payments
  • Assist in locating and submitting claims for Abandoned Properties (e.g. ICASH Illinois)
  • Handle other issues if clients may not know where to turn, like stock voting, loyalty accounts
  • Advise on other money matters that may need attention

You can count on us to bring issues to the attention of the client’s professional CPA, Attorney, Financial Planner and/or family. The actual work we do depends on the needs of our client. For example, we can prepare checks to be signed by our client or pay online or we can be named as a Financial Power of Attorney. The client determines how much help is needed ranging from one function to complete responsibility.

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